Timelapse footage from the new Design Museum site.
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  1. Design Museum Kensington Progress Report

    Steady progress continues to be made on the Design Museum Kensington building. The first floor slab has now been fully completed and work to create the second floor slab is well underway, with expected completion of the second floor by mid-October. Once both floors are in and the concrete has cured to the required structural strength, the team will then commence the sequenced de-propping of the new concrete slabs and the existing structure.

    Meanwhile, the Design Museum project team are in the final stages of the tender process to appoint their own construction contractor who will be carrying out the fit out of the building next year.

  2. New Design Museum Timelapse | September 2014

  3. New Design Museum Timelapse | August 2014

  4. New Design Museum Timelapse | July 2014

  5. Summer tour of the Design Museum’s Kensington building

    Thanks to the combined efforts of the museum’s Project team and the design team led by John Pawson, design work on the transformation of the former Commonwealth Institute into a new home for the Design Museum is finally complete. Works on the shell of the building are still ongoing and a small contingent of staff members was recently in Kensington to have a look around. Finance team’s Indre Grusniene took these pictures of the site.





  6. New Design Museum Timelapse | June 2014

  7. New Design Museum Timelapse | June 2014

  8. Design Museum’s New Home in Kensington Takes Shape

    Here are more stunning views showing progress being made on site to build the new home of the Design museum, scheduled to open in 2016.

    Photos: Miles Willis © 2014 Getty Images

  9. Photos: Miles Willis © 2014 Getty Images

  10. The Design Museum Kensington project develops apace

    The Design Team paid their monthly visit to the Kensington site at the end of May, to find that the new home of the Design Museum is getting ever roomier and that the shell of the building is currently suspended on stilts, in a fine act of engineering balance.